How TFC was born

What writer doesn’t want to write progressive, fresh and innovative content?

As a fashion blogger, one of the things asked is 
”How on earth did you 

get started with all this?” For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved to share my passion for style and fashion. Now I can to share all my chic tips and unique finds with my loyal readers.

A little about me. My name is Carina Crain, and you might say I take shopping very seriously. I despise paying full price, and I can spot a diamond no matter where I happen to be shopping that day. I believe that having a fab closet is all about mixing it up. High and low designer or no designer brands put together the right way, will make it seem like you spent a small fortune because you will look like a million bucks.

Inspired by my travels having spent my early years in Rio de Janeiro, London, and New York. I fell head over heels in love with the fashion. I decided to create a shoppable showcase and share my passion for all things beautiful. My daily inspirations are natural. My husband Chris and four beautiful children Connor Callie Chace and Charles who makes me laugh every single day. My mother who has always been a fashion chameleon and my style icon. My father who taught never to give up and an excellent piece of chocolate is a cure all! To all the great loves of my life. Cheers to creating your fab closet.




After purchasing an entire mini photo studio from – The snow began to fall and my 24-hour turnaround time seemed a bit ridiculous. The next day, however, an excessive amount of boxes began to arrive. I started to worry that I had pressed the purchase all button. As more crates began to come, and my anxiety started to rise. I raced up the stairs to my tiny studio, and it dawned on me that I did not have the room for all the equipment I had ordered, again accidentally. Nothing was going to stop an up and coming fashion stylist from taking professional photos. 

I had read every single product review, measured the light coming through the windows. Selected the looks for my first feature. After all that I could not even get into my office. I had not measured the OFFICE! After a few hours of reconfiguring, reading instructions, building all the lights and staging the area, and multiple paper cuts. I needed a shower and nap. Possibly in another life that would have been a delightful way to end a very productive day. My children must sense it when I have those kinds of thoughts because they all arrived from school and could not wait to touch everything. There was no rest in my future. We carried on, and the kids had a great time being my models for test shots. I must admit we had a great time. Possible broke a few lights, hopefully under warranty.

Next week I will start to use it as a proper studio. A few notes on what not to do when purchasing a home studio. Don’t go crazy! I have found that what I use the most is selfie light for your iPhone and a tripod. Voila, #Insta Studio. A Vlog of our trials and tribulations will be up next week.


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