The Essentials & Timeless Trends

Some trends deserve to be moved into the “never again” space in the closet we all have them but which trends refuse to go?


What is signature style and how do I get one?


I have to say confidence is the definition of signature style. You have to feel good in your skin. I promise you will look incredible in any outfit. I bet you already have it, but maybe it’s buried underneath piles of clothes. Stand up straight, and go for it.

There are basics everyone should have in their wardrobe. I call those the building blocks of your look.

The perfect white tee, with no stains.
 A button down shirt that closes properly over your chest. I recommend white and to go up a size. You can take it to a tailor. He or she will create a great shape by adding darts at the right places. You can buy a $5 shirt and make it look like a million bucks with tailoring.

Jeans, high waists are back in, and they are ultra flattering. Tailored for the shoe, you will be wearing with them. 
Have a pair of flats, and heels. Wear shoes you can walk in. A great pair of flats is as sexy as the highest heel.

Blazers can dress up any outfit, as long as it fits well. A navy blazer is always a staple and will never go out of style.
Investment Pieces. Bags are a great investment piece and will make your whole look work.

Accessories – I love men’s inspired watch. Diamond studs. Pearls, and delicately layered bracelets for day and night

The Bag – Dressing for work can be hard. Especially what to carry. The bag has to hold all of your tech, papers and more! It seems like we bring the world with us. I always recommend carrying two bags to the office. A great shopper and a clutch. An easier transition from a breakfast meeting to evening drinks. I always invest in bags and shoes. Like a great Hermes classic like the Kelly. A worthy splurge in my humble opinion. I also know where to trim the cost without sacrificing my fashion choices. You can be frugal and chic!

Shoe addict? Need help? No, we didn’t think so. I confess I suffer from the same affliction. I have a busy day; I opt for a heel I can walk in. I opt for my pink suede three-inch heels from J.Crew my secret spot to score some great killer looks, and they look expensive.

The idea of unisex dressing originated in the 1960s when designers such as Pierre Cardin and Rudi Gernreich created garments, such as stretch jersey tunics or leggings, meant to be worn by both males and females. The impact of unisex expands more broadly to encompass various themes in fashion including androgyny, mass-market retail, and conceptual clothing.

The fashion trends of the 1970s, such as sheepskin jackets, flight jackets, duffel coats, and unstructured clothing are huge trends today. Unisex styles blended the sensuality and expressiveness, a new freedom to experiment with fashion.


The Fab Closet a Stylish Fashion and Lifestyle Blog
The Fab Closet a Stylish Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

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"How on earth did you get started with all this?” For as long as I can remember, I've loved to share my passion for style and fashion. Now I can to share all my chic tips and unique finds with my loyal readers.

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