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Creating your Instagram worthy #ootd

WHAT DOES OOTD MEAN? OUTFIT OF THE DAY! I was recently asked, “What is an #ootd? How does one pull together a look of the day?” To tell you the truth, I am not sure how the MAGIC OOTD happens. As a fashion blogger with a crazy life, pre-planning my LOOK is not much of […]


How to Start a Fashion Blog

Great Content is what every marketing influencers needs. As a leader in fashion and style marketing. We want the world to hear know your unique brand. As innovators in the field and want to help you promote your site, driving traffic and sales to you. There are quite a few fashion influencers on Instagram raking […]

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Beauty tips to make your life easier

Beauty tips to make your life easier My daughter has made me watch so many youtube clips about makeup this past year. I actually learned quite a bit that I would never have tried. These are my daughter’s favorites – Try it out you may be surprised by the results. She might be 10 but […]


Closet Confidential Fall Edition

If you are reading this post you are getting ready for a fab closet purge! You are on your way. What do you need to know? I have the attention span of a nat, so I will try to make this as painless as possible.  Your closet needs to be MERCHANDIZED. I imagine you walk […]


How it all began


My Philosophy Fashion inspiration, style help, advice? You have come to right place. The Fab Closets mission is to enable YOU to create your own fab closet. Take risks and have fun with your look! I have to say confidence is the definition of signature style. You have to feel good in your skin. I promise […]

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