How to Stay Chic all Season Long. Ask for Gift Cards, so you don’t have to return everything. Then go out and buy these basics and build your dream wardrobe

Start with the basics everyone should have in their wardrobe.

The white tee, with no stains.
A button down shirt that closes properly over your chest. I recommend white and to go up a size. You can take it to a tailor. He or she will create a great shape by adding darts at the right places. You can buy a $5 shirt and make it expensive with a bit of tailoring.

Jeans. High waists are back in, and they are ultra flattering. Tailored so that just a bit of your shoe peeks out. They will make your legs look long and sleek.

Splurge on great shoes. Wear shoes you can walk in. A great pair of flats is as sexy as the highest heel.

I love blazers, since I am always cold. Blazers can also dress up any outfit, as long as it fits well. A navy blazer is always a staple and will never go out of style.

Bags are a great investment pieces and will make your whole look work, and with the right accessories you will look chic all year round. I love men’s inspired watch. Diamond studs. Rose gold is my current obsession, along with delicately layered bracelets for day and night.